CE Forum 2024
at Aalen University - 28/29th of February 2024

History of the CE Forum

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This is the 13th CE Forum (2024). Former CE Forum meetings took place in-person before the Covid times. It was always a pleasure to meet colleagues and listen to interesting talks. For many of us, our first conference presentation was at one of these CE Forums. Therefore, we as organizers wanted to bring back this small and exciting conference.

2020 Online

2019 Agilent Technologies Waldbronn

2018 Fraunhofer ICT Pfinztal

2017 Fraunhofer ICT Pfinztal

2016 Universität Regensburg

2015 Universität Tübingen

2014Universität Marburg

2013 Universität Jena

2012 Universität Aalen

2011 Universität Regensburg

2010 Forschungszentrum Jülich

2009 Universität Marburg